A Chance POTA Meet-Up

I made a return trip to Fort Washington State Park (K/KFF-1352) this morning for a Parks on the Air (POTA) activation. I activated this park back in October of last year, so I wanted to give it another go today. Along with some over-the-air contacts, I made a fun eyeball QSO.

My location and setup were nearly identical to my last visit. I started on 40M, and within a few minutes, the POTA hunters showed up. After I had logged 14 contacts, I was getting ready to change bands. I noticed a car going by with a familiar callsign on its license plate. 

Greg WA3GM turned around and stopped behind my truck. I have worked Greg many times in recent years. He’s a frequent POTA activator and a fellow SKCC member. Despite those contacts, we have never met in person. After chatting for a few minutes, Greg left to find somewhere to set up for his activation.

After spending some time on 30M and 20M, I did some searching and pouncing to pick up a few park-to-park contacts. Right before pulling the plug, I found Greg on 40M and had a quick park-to-park QSO with him. Of course, we were 599 both ways.

Greg WA3GM activating Fort Washington State Park (K-1352)
Greg WA3GM activating Fort Washington State Park (K-1352)

I packed up my gear and spent some time driving around the park to see if I could find Greg. I found him less than a mile away, operating from a picnic table near some group campsites. Greg was using his trusty Rybakov antenna. We chatted for a while and learned that we have a bunch of friends in common. After posing for some selfies, I let Greg get back to his activation and headed off on my drive home. 

WA3GM (left) and WB3GCK during a chance POTA meet-up in Fort Washington State Park (K-1352)
WA3GM (left) and WB3GCK during a chance POTA meet-up in Fort Washington State Park (K-1352)

I ended up with 19 contacts in my log, with 3 park-to-park contacts and a nice eyeball QSO.

73, Craig WB3GCK

4 thoughts on “A Chance POTA Meet-Up”

  1. Hi Craig
    Thanks for stopping up the top of the hill to find me.
    It was So nice to finally meet you in person after all of our Q’s

    It’s funny because I was going to email you and ask you if you took any pictures of my operation as I got tied up with a visitors after you left who wanted to know how to get into ham radio.
    When I looked on your QRZ page it was then that I finally realized that YOU were the one that gave me the idea for the antenna I was using. duhhhh. I finally put the pieces together when I looked on your blog and found this.

    Amazing how many people we know in common.

    Again thanks for stopping by and saying hello

    Greg WA3GM

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  2. Hey There, Craig.
    Sounded like a great day out playing Radio esp when you get to eyeball an fellow Ham.
    I’m out tomorrow with a loaner, a small mag loop- but I’m also taking my EFHW as insurance- hi hi. Not got around to making a rybakov yet it’s in the pipeline to be sure.
    Take care and play radio,
    I have an NOV for the month of June, so I’ll sign with 73 de MQ7PBX/70 .

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