POTA at White Clay Creek Preserve

The last time I was in the White Clay Creek Preserve (PA) was in 2016 during the National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event. I used this park as the starting point for a hike into Delaware along White Clay Creek. This time I was back to activate the Preserve as a Parks on the Air (POTA) entity (K-6433).

One of the entrance signs at White Clay Creek Preserve
One of the entrance signs at the White Clay Creek Preserve

Although the preserve is in my home county, I had to drive an hour to get there. I pulled into the parking lot near the park office, and I was on the air in less than five minutes. I used my typical setup: KX3 (5 watts, CW) and my 19-foot homebrew vertical on the back of my truck. 

My location near the park office at the White Clay Creek Preserve
My location near the park office at the White Clay Creek Preserve

Despite the spotty cell service, I spotted myself on the 40M band. During my third contact, N4EX asked me to confirm my park designator. When I sent what I had written in my notebook the night before, Rich informed me that the designator I sent was for a park in Florida. I asked him to stand by while I checked the POTA website. Yep, he was right. I had transposed two numbers. Thanks for catching that, Rich. I corrected my faux pas and proceeded with my activation.

Things slowed down on 40M after 22 contacts, so I moved up the 20M. I only had three contacts there, but one was a park-to-park with a Texas station. The last 20M contact was with K4NYM in Florida. Bill was activating a “two-fer,” so his contact was good for two park-to-park contacts.

Finishing up on 30M, I made another 11 contacts before shutting down. I walked around a bit to take some pictures before leaving. 

In the end, I had logged 36 contacts with four park-to-park QSOs. Among those was my local friend, Frank N3FLL, who worked me on two bands. 

Although I thought about driving across the state line to activate White Clay Creek State Park in Delaware, I had some other things to do today. I’ll save that one for another time.

73, Craig WB3GCK

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