Some Recent POTA Wallpaper

When I checked my personal statistics on the Parks on the Air (POTA) website the other day, I found that a recent activation enabled me to cross two award thresholds. I’m far from the most active POTA participant, but I was pleased to see these listed among my awards. Especially since I run QRP and CW-only.

I received the Gold Activator for activating 30 unique parks.

The Gold Activator award is for activating 30 unique reference areas in the Parks on the Air (POTA) programs.

The nice folks at POTA also updated my original Park-to-Park certificate to reflect the 50 QSOs I have made. (Thanks to my fellow activators for making those QSOs happen.) 

This award is for making 50 park-to-park contacts in the Parks on the Air (POTA) program.

It looks like I should have another award coming soon for hunting 200 parks; that award has yet to be processed. I made the majority of those contacts running 5 watts into my rainspout.

My meager achievements pale in comparison with those of more serious POTA activators and hunters. There are many folks who activate more parks in a day than I do in a month. But one of the things I like about POTA is that anyone can join in at any level of participation.

73, Craig LaBarge

Update (11/28/2021): My award for working 200 parks as a “hunter” arrived today.

The POTA Enrubio Award is for contacting 200 parks as a hunter.

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