Polar Bear QSO with NJ7V

During a recent outing, I had the pleasure of having a QSO with fellow Polar Bear QRP member, NJ7V. Charlie was doing a combined SOTA/POTA/Polar Bear activation, which he documented on his Red Summit RF YouTube channel.

Our QSO is included in his video, starting around the 11:30 mark. Despite the QSB and QRM, we managed to complete a POTA park-to-park contact. Of course, we also exchanged the traditional Polar Bear QRP greeting, “GRRR.”

If you’re into portable QRP operating, be sure to check out the Red Summit RF channel. You’ll lots of great videos out there. In particular, I’ve been enjoying the reviews in his Portable Morse Code Paddles Series. Good stuff!

72, Craig WB3GCK

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