Support Your Parks – Summer 2022

This weekend was a Parks on the Air (POTA) Support Your Parks weekend. There are four seasonal events with the chance for activators and hunters to earn plaques. Even though I stand little to no chance of getting a plaque, I figured this would be a good weekend to activate a couple of parks.

Marsh Creek State Park (K-1380)

On Saturday, I headed over to the western boat launch area in Marsh Creek State Park. I’ve operated from this spot twice in the past year, and it’s not usually busy. Not today, though. The parking lots were jam-packed, with a steady stream of boaters coming in. I drove around to the other side of the lake to check out the picnic area. 

When I arrived mid-morning, the picnic area parking lot was fairly empty. I figured the place would get pretty busy towards lunchtime, so I found a shady parking spot and operated from the truck. I used my Penntek TR-35 (5 watts) and my usual 19-foot vertical.

I forgot to take pictures of Marsh Creek State Park (K-1380), but I did take this picture in the cab of my truck.
I forgot to take pictures of Marsh Creek State Park (K-1380), but I did take this picture in the cab of my truck.

My first contact was with my friend and fellow ARES-RACES member, N3FLL. Frank said he was doing some POTA hunting today, so I was happy to give him a park. 

After I had logged 26 CW contacts (with three park-to-park QSOs), the inside of the truck was getting pretty warm. Plus the great smells from all the surrounding barbeques reminded me it was lunchtime. By the time I left, the park was getting crowded with folks taking advantage of the summer weather, so my timing was perfect.

Valley Forge National Historical Park (K-0761)

I wanted to get a bike ride in, so Sunday morning I rode from the Pawlings Road trailhead into Valley Forge Park. It was a little over two miles to the Betzwood Picnic Area. I operated from this location once before six years ago. The elevation isn’t very good, but I gave it a shot, anyway. 

I found a picnic table in a shady spot back along some trees. I had a hill right behind me, but the shade was more important today. On this trip, my rig was the TR-35 and my Alexloop. 

  • The Schuylkill River Trail entering Valley Forge National Historical Park from the west.
  • One of my favorite stretches along the Schuylkill River Trail. This section is in Valley Forge National Historical Park.
  • Once again, I neglected to take pictures of my setup, but here's a picture I took while packing up to head back.
  • Even if you don't qualify for a plaque, activitors and hunters participating in the Support Your Parks event get a certificate.
  • Hunters also received certificates for working parks during the Support Your Parks Weekend. My park-to-park contacts earned me this one.

My first contact was with W3DET on 30M. This was my first QSO with Dave in a while, so it was good to hear him again. I made four more contacts before giving 20M a try. I picked up one contact on 20M, so I moved down to 40M, which is the least efficient band for the Alexloop. However, the 40M band produced four park-to-park contacts.

Since it was so hot and humid, I packed up after making the required ten contacts and headed back to the trailhead. There was nothing extraordinary today, radio-wise, but I had an enjoyable bike ride.

When I got home and logged into the POTA website, I found I had received a certificate for activating during the Support Your Parks weekend. There sure were a ton of stations on the air this weekend, so I hope all the activators and hunters had fun. 

73, Craig WB3GCK

4 thoughts on “Support Your Parks – Summer 2022”

  1. I guess we had a 2-way QRP QSO when you were at K-1380. I was using my KX2 with a speaker wire doublet on a 17ft crappie pole from the shelter at our radio club’s annual picnic. Thanks for the SYP weekend contact.
    de K5KHK

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Craig
    Saw you posted at both parks. I was at K-1352 for the support your parks weekend but I could not hear you at either place.
    Hopefully next time.
    Greg WA3GM

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Greg:
      I heard you very faintly on 40M and 20M when I was at Marsh Creek. I gave you a call on 40M, but it was a long shot. Your were at “ESP levels” on 20M, so I knew you would never hear my little 5-watt signal. I hope you had a great weekend.
      73, Craig WB3GCK


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