Mid-Week Outing

I had some free time today so I made a quick trip to a local park for some mid-week QRP-portable operating. My plan for today was to make some Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) contacts.

Upper Schuylkill Valley Park is one of my “go-to” places to operate. Today, my truck was the only vehicle in the parking lot. I set up my 19-foot vertical in the back of the truck, broke out my KX3 and MS2 straight key and got on the air.

All alone in Upper Schuylkill Valley Park
All alone in Upper Schuylkill Valley Park

I started on 40M near the SKCC calling frequency. My first “CQ SKCC” call was met with an immediate response. I like when that happens. I worked four more SKCC members (including special event station, K3Y/1) and had a nice rag chew with a non-member in Georgia before moving to 20M.

My 19-foot vertical has worked like gangbusters for me on 40M but I haven’t spent much time on 20M with it. While on 20M today, I worked SKCC special event stations in Nebraska (K3Y/0), California (K3Y/6) and Oregon (K3Y/7). Not too bad for QRP from eastern Pennsylvania. I guess the vertical gets out reasonably well on 20M.

Upper Schuylkill Valley Park
Upper Schuylkill Valley Park

After an hour and a half or so, I packed up and headed home to warm up (it was only 27° F today).

This was fun. I need to get out during the week more often.

72, Craig WB3GCK

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