Zombie Shuffle 2016

Official QRP Zombie BadgeLast night was the annual running, or should I say shuffling, of the Zombie Shuffle contest.  I participated in the Shuffle for the first time last year and managed to squeeze out 6 QSOs.  My goal for this year was to top that meager score.  No such luck.

I saw reports that the 20-meter band was pretty active during daylight hours.  Of course, I missed all that.  By the time I got on the air around 2230Z, there was very little activity.  I picked up 2 contacts on 40 meters.  After that, zombie activity on the bands vanished.  I briefly heard some zombie stations on 80 meters but they faded out or went back to their graves.

Thanks to NA5N for organizing this fun event.  Thanks to AB8DF and AI4IC for keeping me from getting skunked.  I look forward to shuffling with the zombies again next year.

72, Craig WB3GCK
QRP Zombie #1177


One thought on “Zombie Shuffle 2016”

  1. I got a late start too, and only heard one CQ BOO, but couldn’t get a call sign. Even the W1AW bulletins were difficult to copy.


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