Li-Ion Battery Pack

Here’s a little battery pack I put together for use as an external, portable power source for my YouKits HB-1B.  I wanted something relatively lightweight and inexpensive that would put out at least 13 volts.  This solution has fit the bill, so far.

There isn’t too much to it.  I already had some Li-Ion cells on hand, so I wanted to make use of them.  They are 18650 cells with a 6000 maH rating.  I haven’t actually verified the claimed capacity but most cells tend to be somewhat over-rated. These particular cells are the “protected” type; each cell contains some circuitry that prevents overcharge and over-discharge.  There are much cheaper unprotected cells but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Battery pack with cable stowed
Battery pack with cable stowed

To put it together, I bought a 4-cell battery holder for 18650-size cells.  With 4 fully charged cells, the voltage can exceed 16 volts.  To keep the voltage below 14 volts (the maximum for my HB-1B), I put 3 silicon diodes in series with the output.  This brings the voltage down to about 13.7 volts with fully charged cells.  I also added a 2-amp fuse and an Anderson Powerpole connector.

Li-Ion battery pack layout
Li-Ion battery pack layout

To package it, I had a sandwich-sized Rubbermaid container that wasn’t being used.  It turned out to be the perfect size to hold everything snugly.  When not in use, everything is neatly tucked inside the container.  In use, I lift one corner of the lid to bring out the connector.

Battery pack as I normally use it
Battery pack as I normally use it

For charging, I remove the cells from the holder and charge them with a Nitecore D4 charger.  This is a 4-bay smart charger.  It automatically detects the type of battery inserted and applies the proper charging method.  Each bay works independently, so balanced charging is not an issue.  The D4 works with a variety of battery types (Ni-Cad, NiMH, Li-Ion, etc.) so it is a handy accessory in the shack.

Nitecore D4 smart charger. Each cell is charged independently.
Nitecore D4 smart charger. Each cell is charged independently.

I haven’t done any formal testing of this battery arrangement, but it has provided adequate power for an afternoon of portable operating.  For extended operating sessions, I throw 4 extra cells in my backpack that I can swap in if needed.

It’s not the most elegant solution but it works fine.

72, Craig WB3GCK

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