Antenna Testing at Black Rock Sanctuary

I almost talked myself out of going out today.  My grandkids got together and gave me one heck of a cold for Christmas.  Thanks a lot, kids.  🙂  Despite being a little under the weather, I packed up and headed out.  I’m glad I did.

I drove to nearby Black Rock Sanctuary to test the equipment I plan to use for a National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) activation on New Year’s Day.  My antenna today was a 29.5-foot vertical wire with two similar wires on the ground for a counterpoise.  I ran one of the wires around the tires of my truck.  I ran the other wire into a grassy area directly behind the truck.  I figured I was in an area that wouldn’t see any pedestrians.  (More on that faulty assumption later.)  My rig was my old Yaesu FT-817 and Z-817 tuner.

My vertical antenna. 29.5-foot radiator fed through a 4:1 unun with two 29.5-foot radials.
My vertical antenna. 29.5-foot radiator fed through a 4:1 unun with two 29.5-foot radials. It loaded up great 40M through 10M.

I had last used the FT-817 on 14.060.  So, when I powered up the radio, I immediately heard my QRP buddy, Ed WA3WSJ, and gave him a call.  Ed was operating pedestrian mobile on Monocacy Hill about 20 miles away from me.  He had a great signal.  Right after I signed with WA3WSJ, Ed W1GUE gave me a call from New Hampshire.

A view of the "cockpit" of my truck.
A view of the “cockpit” of my truck.

On 15 meters, I called CQ on 21.060 and got a quick response from WA8IWK/8.  Allen was portable in Michigan.  While I was working Allen, a woman walked her dog directly behind my truck.  I noticed her child looking down at the ground.  After they left, I went back to check.  They apparently had gotten caught up in my counterpoise wire.  I re-routed the wire around the truck.  Fortunately, I didn’t notice any difference in the antenna tuning.

I moved down to 17 meters and heard Jim W1PID working HK1MW.  Jim was hiking in New Hampshire with W3ATB.  I moved down a little bit and called CQ.  I was hoping that I would catch Jim’s attention.  It worked!  Conditions were great on 17 meters and Jim said I was very strong into New Hampshire.

On 30 meters, I got a call from a familiar callsign.  Wink WA8KOQ from Tennessee is a regular on 30 meters.  I’ve worked Wink many times over the years and it was good to hear him again.

I went back to 20 meters to see if I could find Tim W3ATB.  No luck today.

Finally, I went back to 17 meters and had a quick QSO with John, YV5IUA in Venezuela.

I’m glad I went out today.  The bands were in good shape and my antenna seems to be working great.  I should be ready for my NPOTA activation next week.

72, Craig WB3GCK

3 thoughts on “Antenna Testing at Black Rock Sanctuary”

  1. Craig,

    Jim came over and told me he worked you, but I went to 14.060 and called and nothing.

    You’ve got my call sign wrong. W3ATB, not W1. 😉 It’s a vanity call sign as you, being from PA might think it should be W1 since I’m in NH and not PA. Confusing, right? We’ll get each other one day. Maybe New Year’s Day on the NPOTA!


    1. Sorry about screwing up your callsign. I made the corrections. Sorry I missed you. I heard a station calling CQ just up from 14.060 but it wasn’t strong enough to pick out the callsign. I’ll be operating from Valley Forge on New Year’s Day. I’ll be hanging out around the QRP hangouts. I hope you had a good day out there today. 72, Craig WB3GCK


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