Three Birds, One Stone

I was on a mission today and there were three things I wanted to accomplish.  With one trip to a local park, I was able to check them all off of my list.

First, I submitted a write-up on my homebrew, drive-on antenna mount for the Ideas Exchange column in the QRP Quarterly publication.  Mike WA8MCQ, the column’s editor, asked for some more pictures.  So, I needed to get out and set up somewhere to take a few shots.

Next, I wanted to field test my little American Morse MS2 straight key and the homebrew magnetic mount I built for it.  I had used it at home but I was anxious to see how it works out in a portable setting.

Finally, I wanted to get out and make some Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) QSOs using a real antenna (as opposed to using my downspout at home).  I only had an hour, so I needed to move quick.

I headed out for Black Rock Sanctuary, which is just outside Phoenixville, PA.  On arrival, I set up the drive-on mount and took some pictures before and after deploying my 31-foot Jackite pole.  I used a 29.5-foot vertical wire with one counterpoise wire fed through a 4:1 unun.  My rig today was my trusty YouKits HB-1B powered from a small gel cell battery.

Drive-on antenna support
Drive-on antenna support

I started on 40M and posted my frequency on the SKCC Sked Page.  Almost immediately, I got a call from KB1WOD in Vermont.  He gave me a decent signal report, despite some less-than-optimal band conditions.  A few minutes later, I had a 2-way QRP QSO with KD3CA here in Pennsylvania.  I finished out my brief session with a 2-way QRP QSO on 20 meters with AA4MX in Florida.

As for the MS2 straight key, I have to say it worked pretty well.  My homebrew magnetic mount held the key firmly to my clipboard.   I was pleased with that.  Using a straight key in the confines of my pickup truck’s cab was a little challenging, though.  I also found the feel of the key a little loose, so I’ll need to tighten up the spring tension a bit.

MS2 miniature straight key and magnetic mount in use.
MS2 miniature straight key and magnetic mount in use.

So, in about an hour, I accomplished my mission.  I got the pictures I needed, tested my little straight key/clipboard setup, and made a few SKCC QSOs to boot.

72, Craig WB3GCK

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